Pierre Reif is one of Sweden’s most experienced and well known sportfishingguides. He´s been  established since 1994 and does this for a living. Join him for a fishing adventure in the Stockholm archipelago or try trolling for Salmon and Trout in two of the largest lakes in Europe,  Lake Vänern & Lake Vättern. In the Stockholm archipelago we spinfish for Pike, Walleye (Zander) and Sea trout. The season starts in early March and last throughout the summer until early December.

The boats
The main boat is an Silver Eagle DC 20” powered by a 175 HP Mercury Verado. This is the boat used for spinfishing. The boat is very well equipped with, chartplotter, sonar, radar, autopilot, electric engine Minnkota V.2 power drive with the I-pilotfunction, VHF-radio e t c. and for the salmontrolling we use a 22” Trophy Wa powered by a 200 HP Mercury Verado. This boat is also fully equipped like the boat above. It´s equipmentlist also contains everything that is needed for salmontrolling. All the trolling gear is provided by Cannon. The boats have also all the security equipment that is needed for the actual waters!

We are fully certified and our guests  are insured up to 30,000,000:- SEK.

The fishing equipment
We provide all the needed fishing gear without any extra charge. It is always new and top of the line quality fishing gear as we use and it is very easy to handle even for unexperienced fishermen.
We also provide floatation devices for our guests.

Pike (Esox Lucius)
Stockholm archipelago is probably the one of the best Pike waters in the world. The Pike is the most popular game fish in Sweden. Most because of it´s aggressiveness and size. The Pike strikes hard and gives the angler a real fight. We catch 10-25 pikes on a normal day. Average weight is aprox 2-3 kilo but almost every fishing trip we catch pikes weighing 6-8 kilo. In early spring and late autumn specimens weighing more than 10 kilo is not to unusual. Season: From late March to late December.

Walleye (Lucioperca Lucioperca)Gös
The Walleye or Zander as it is called in some countries is a fish that tastes extremely good and at the same time it is a very funny game fish. We catch 3-50 Walleyes on a normal day Average weight is from 1-5 kilo. Fishing methods are live bait or trolling. Season: From early May until late August.

Sea Trout (Salmo Trutta)
The Sea Trout is one of Sweden’s most spectacular game fishes. It is pretty tricky to catch but when it strikes the angler is to experience the fight of his life. The Sea Trout jumps in a very spectacular way and rushes 20-30 meters. It also very often try to escape in under the boat. On a normal day we catch 1-5 Trout’s and the average weight is 2 kilo. Specimens weighing up to 3-5 kilo is not too unusual.

Trolling for Salmon & Trout
In Lake Vänern/Vättern you have a chance to experience one of the best Salmon and Trout fishing in the world. Prepare for double and triple strikes with rushing and jumping fish. The Salmons and Trout’s are strong and gives the angler a good fight. Average weights are 4-6 kilo and specimens weighing up to 10 kilo is very common. We arrange accommodation, beverages and food. Season: April to the middle of May and October until early December.

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Every spring the Atlantic Salmon starts to wonder from southern Sweden waters outside Simrishamn and Karlshamn up the great rivers in northern Sweden. From the middle of March until late June we catch them in the waters outside Simrishamn & Karlshamn in the southern part of Sweden and outside of Stockholm from Nynäshamn up to Söderarm in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago. When the Salmon has been living in the sea for 2-4 years it starts to wonder towards the rivers. It then weighs somewhere between 10-30 kilo and is the Swedish “Big Game” fish no:1. Prepare for 600-900 feet rushes and spectacular jumps. Season March to late June. Fishing method: Trolling.

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